About Me

Hey y’all! My name is Megan Breanne Cardinal and Coco has been a thought for quite some time that I never put into action. I have a passion for beauty in particular, but also fashion, travel, family, food, and FUN! I’m not a makeup artist or an expert on any of these topics so if you are in search of either – you are in the wrong place. Modeling isn’t my thing but be ready for endless selfies and “high fashion photo shoots”  – whatever that may mean. I’m a teacher and basketball coach by day (hey girls!) and blogger by night. I live in Houston, Texas, have one sister (who will be seen here often – she actually looks like a model, of course, right not everyone gets the good genes 🙄). I have two amazing parents! Also, I’m totally aware of the probably more than several grammatical errors above which leads me to this disclaimer: I’m not a writer. I do, however, love making connections and sharing my thoughts to maybe reach others. Welcome to my life! Thank you for joining me.