$50 compared to $5: Top 3 Makeup items to buy at the drugstore

$50 compared to $5: Top 3 Makeup items to buy at the drugstore

The secret is out! I love my make up! Anywhere from Sephora to Target you will find me browsing the aisles. I review make up on my own You Tube channel (link is below), and I spend free time checking out what the top beauty gurus are loving. Frequently I get lucky and end up finding products I can’t live without, then sometimes I really regret wasting my money. This leads me to my point. What feels better spending five dollars or fifty? Did you know several drugstore items are made in the same factory as high end? If you like saving money like myself I have listed the top three items to always buy at the drugstore.

  1. Mascara: Ladies mascara doesn’t work miracles. Lashes can only get so much volume and length before looking like a clumpy mess. Some of it is just good genes. My natural lashes aren’t much of anything. If I really want to get glam I grab for some strip lashes and go to town with selfies! For days when selfies are a bit less appropriate I grab for my $4.99 essence volume stylist 18 hour lash extension mascara. You did just read that right it’s only $4.99! This can be compared to another one of my favorites Dior Iconic over curl mascara which is listed for $29.50. 
  2. Foundation: With so many amazing foundations out there it can be hard to figure out which is perfect for you. The price range varies from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Having tried both I have found a few things to be true. Skincare should always be top priority. Be sure to start with fresh skin, a good moisturizer (probably one that isn’t 4.99), and foundation primer. I know it seems like an extensive list of product to apply but this will allow any foundation to perform it’s best. My favorite drugstore foundation is Wet n Wild photo focus foundation. How much is it? You guessed it again, $4.99! This foundation is comparable to Make up forever ultra HD foundation that retails for $43.00. 
  3. Concealer: Speaking of good genes, not everyone will need concealer. Concealer has several different uses. If your goal is to cover imperfections and blemishes then full coverage is your best route. If you are wanting to brighten the under eye area and provide moisture you may be grabbing something that has less coverage but a lighter shade. Regardless of your choice the drug store has everything you need and the price you want. Here’s a helpful hint to save even more money, always grab the full coverage concealer in a shade lighter than your skin. Why? It will both brighten and conceal blemishes without having to buy two separate products. My drugstore favorite is the Catrice liquid camouflage concealer which you can find for $5.99. This is often compared to the world famous Tarte shape tape that retails for $27.00. As I always say I am no expert, but I am fond of saving a dollar. Find what works best for your skin. Do your research. Ask for samples of the high end products before you splurge. Best of luck in your make up finds. I hope your next five dollar purchase becomes a beauty staple in your collection. Happy Shopping! :  )

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