Unlike Beyonce, I DID NOT wake up like this: Quick steps to feeling beautiful

Unlike Beyonce, I DID NOT wake up like this: Quick steps to feeling beautiful

No longer twenty five, but not yet thirty? It’s like I woke up one day and felt OLD. Youth was easy. I remember being fifteen years old getting ready for a girls outing with my mom and sister. Devin and I would be done in thirty minutes we would then commence to banging on our mothers bathroom door asking “are you ready yet?!”. She always told us, “keep living, the older you get the longer it takes”, she wasn’t lying (she also might kill me when she reads this). I know it’s an exaggeration when I say i’m old, but their does come a point when feeling beautiful requires more than a half an hour remedy. Listed below are some quick steps to start looking and feeling your absolute best:

  • Workout: The old school term “you feel good, you look good” still remains true. We are at the age where working out is not just for our summer time beach body. A few minutes each day could help you avoid several premature health problems. I’m by no means a workout junkie, and I can assure you I won’t be seen in any fitness commercials ..ever. Last year I made up my mind to do the whole workout everyday thing and I have never felt better. If you haven’t worked out in a while try walking for ten minutes a day and work your way up from there.
  • Take your vitamins: As nasty and dry as those Flintstones vitamins were I understand why some of you have been avoiding this step. Our bodies need the right fuel to keep us going especially us females. Having trouble going the restroom? Their are vitamins for that! Can’t get your hair to grow as long anymore? Their are vitamins for that too! You don’t need to get overwhelmed and pick up a vitamin for everything but learn your body and understand what areas need some extra help.
  • Diet: Balance. Giving diet advice in this day and age is a joke. Half don’t eat pork, the other half is vegan, and the rest hate dairy. So the only real advice to leave here is balance, too much of anything is a bad thing.
  • Skincare: Soap and water has worked for years and it still does. Skincare does not need to make you go broke. More steps may be involved for anti aging such as, exfoliation, under eye cream, dark spot treatment, and toner. That may have just overwhelmed some of you but don’t let it cause headache. Companies will convince you that their five hundred dollar cream is the best one on the market (yea um that would be a lie). Go to Target get the products you need and use them consistently that is the biggest key to great skin, consistency. If you have some extra dollars to spend the best skin care for anti aging is … drum roll please…. RODAN AND FIELDS. If you are curious I can hook you up with a sample!
  • Hair and Make up: No surprise here this is my favorite step! I am the absolute Queen of an athletic head band and messy bun! Five days a week you will catch me with bare skin and sweatpants, but I’m a basketball coach so no surprise there! That leaves two days a week for me to do it up and that is exactly what I do. Make up does not always have to be red carpet style. If you just want to cover your imperfections or add a bold lip to your outfit, both will make you feel great about your appearance. As far as hair goes girl do what makes you happy! Heck pop in some extensions and get your inner Beyonce working!

As always I am no expert on this stuff. I just know we have reached that point in our lives where routine is necessary. Just remember no matter what age you are thank goodness for botox, kale salad, microblading (check out instyle blading if you are in Houston), and celebrities like Gabrielle Union who have made fifty the new thirty. Happy aging everyone and may you feel beautiful doing so!



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